Open AAE File

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Open AAE File

The AAE file extension is associated with the latest format of sidecar XML files, introduced in Apple iOS 8 devices (iPhone 5 and later) and Mac OS Yosemite to support non-destructive image / video editing including effects. The .AAE files are located next to the corresponding image files.

Currently, iPhoto in iOS 8 or later is the only application that supports the AAE sidecar format. On both PC and Mac, AAE files are useless and can be deleted without problems. On the iPhone iOS 8 it is possible to delete AEE files, delete all edits, filters and/or applied effects and the images/videos will remain in their original state.

If images are transferred from an iOS device to Windows, JPEG images will be transferred with AAE files, but edits in AAE files will not be readable because AAE files data could only be parsed on Apple devices.

The location of the AAE file is in the same folder as the original photo and follows the same name format, but instead of .JPG at the end, it will have the .AAE file extension.

If you want to save the editions in the same image, once you have finished with the editions on the iOS device, the easiest thing is to send the finished photo to yourself. Doing this will unify the edits to the image and can no longer be deleted. Also, publishing it on social networks like FB or Instagram, is a way to preserve the changes, however as you know, doing this will reduce the image quality a bit.

Software to open or convert AAE files

You can open AAE files with the following programs:

AAE file, because it is of the XML type, can be easily opened with a common text editor, such as notepad or wordpad. It is the only way to make edits or work with these types of files. In any case it is a file that does not require further editing, beyond those made through the iOS operating system.

Here is how AAE files look in Windows file explorer file list. As you can see they are located next to the JPG files which they relate to.

Open AAE File on Windows OS

  • Try double-clicking on an AAE file in Windows File Explorer.
  • If the AAE reading software is associated correctly then the file will open
  • If the file did not open you should locate the JPEG image which AAE file relates to and open it
  • To open JPG file with changes stored in AAE file applied locate the iOS device where JPG file is stored and open it there
  • You can also download the JPG or HEIC file with AAE changes applied from iCloud. Changes will be applied automatically by iCloud.